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  • How long will it take to process my order?
    Once an order is placed, it may take up to 1-4 business days to be processed. After an order is processed, you will receive an email notification.
  • How long before I receive my order?
    Shipping times vary depending on your location and the chosen shipping method. Please refer to our shipping policy for estimated delivery times.
  • I accidentally entered the wrong shipping address. What now?
    If your order has not been shipped, we can assist you in correcting the shipping address. Please contact us immediately at with your order number and the correct address. However, if the order has already shipped, we are not responsible for missing orders sent to incorrect or undeliverable addresses provided by the customer.
  • How will I receive my refund for a return?
    Once we receive and confirm that your order is eligible for return, you will be automatically refunded in the same payment method you used at checkout. An email confirmation will be sent once the refund is processed. Please send us your tracking number after you have posted your items.
  • My package was marked as "delivered," but I didn't get it. What should I do?
    In such cases, we advise checking a secondary location, such as a mailroom, community mailbox, front desk, neighbour or safe drop location. If the package is still not found, contact us immediately. Please note that we do not issue replacements or refunds for items marked as "delivered" by postal services or unclaimed due to unpaid customs. To qualify for an insurance claim for lost packages, customers must have purchased a tracked shipping service. Contact us at within 15 days from the date the package was marked as "delivered" by your postal service.
  • Do you accept wholesale & bulk orders?
    Yes, we welcome wholesale and bulk orders! Whether you want to stock our candles / Home Decor in your shop or need a large order for a special event, such as weddings, baby showers, party favors, or corporate gifts, please contact us at We will get back to you with a bulk discount price.
  • Which candle burns the fastest?
    Beeswax is a natural type of wax with a high melting point of 60-66 degrees Celsius. Experiments found that paraffin burned the fastest, followed by beeswax, then paraffin with stearin, depending on the type of beeswax and the amount of stearin added.
  • Do soy candles purify the air?
    No, soy candles don’t purify the air, however, they burn ‘cleaner’ with less soot than regular paraffin wax candles.
  • What is the healthiest candle to buy?
    If your concern is toxins, then natural ingredients like soy wax and coco wax are the healthiest options available on the market. Wicks that are made out of cotton are the most natural. It’s important to always do your own research.
  • What are the most environmentally friendly candles?
    Soy wax and beeswax are the most eco-friendly wax, they are non-toxic, last longer and burn ‘cleaner’ with less soot than standard paraffin wax.
  • Is burning a soy candle bad for you?
    No, burning soy candles is not bad for you as long as you follow all safety precautions. In fact, taking the time out to relax with a candle can be great for your mental health.
  • What candles are non-toxic?
    Candles that are made out of soy wax, coco wax and beeswax are all-natural ingredients and non-toxic.
  • What is Jesmonite made of?
    Jesmonite products are composite materials, a combination of a reactive mineral base and a pure water based acrylic resin.
  • How do i clean the Home Decor Trays?
    Clean with a soft damp cloth and gentle soap. If you are struggling to remove any wax simply pop the holder in the freezer for a few hours, the wax will come off easily when frozen. Please note that while we seal every item, they can still absorb liquids and waxes causing marks and stains if not cared for accordingly. We advise you to keep these products indoors, and clean any contaminants as soon as possible. Jesmonite will have naturally occurring air bubbles, these are unavoidable and part of the charm of a handmade item.
  • Can i use jesmonite for outdoor use?
    Jesmonite is a weather-resistant product suitable for interior or exterior use. Please avoid from direct sunlight.
  • Is Jesmonite eco-friendly?
    Jesmonite is an eco-friendly safe alternative to resin, plaster or concrete.
  • Is Jesmonite food safe?
    Jesmonite materials are non-solvent and contain zero VOCs, however, please be aware that we have not tested any Jesmonite products for food safety.
  • Is Jesmonite dishwasher/ microwave safe?
    It is not advised to use Jesmonite in either of these.
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